• Telephone Module:

    1. 1 Line Corded Speaker phone

    2. Wireless Charging

    3. Customized faceplate

    4. 3 guest service keys on the base and 3 guest service keys on the handset

    5. One message waiting key wiht indicator

  • Alarm and Clock Module:

    1. TruTime insures clock tme is always correct.

    2. Automatic Daylight saving adjustment

    3. Single day alarm

    4. Easy to use alarm with 10-minute duration

    5. Support IT remote for easy adjustment of clock and or calendar

    6. Rechargeable battery backup keeps MODA time and alarm visible and active for 24 hours

    7. Auto dimming with ambient light sensor

  • FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker Module:

    1. Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible

    2. MODA specific pairing ID

    3. Non-active tmeout after 20 minutes of inactivity

    4. FM Radio quick scan through frequencies

    5. High quality stereo speaker

  • Charging Module:

    1. Wireless Charging;

    2. Convenient Charging cables for Apple and USB C Devices magnetically attached

    3. 2 USB Ports (5V, 2.1A)

    4. 1 USB C Port (5V, 2.1A)




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