Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

The main cliental of IMS are Industries and Professional. Because the product range we market are mainly for Industrial Purpose. Currently IMS is serving following category of clients:

Manufacturing facilities
Warehouse facilities
Armed forces
Harbor and Aviations
Government Institutions
Religious Places
Apartment and Housing complexes
Construction Sites
Janitorial Companies
10+ Years


Customer Consultation
Special Projects
Tailor Made Solutions
This is something special we do for our clients. We offer free consultation for our clients before they purchase goods from us. Because it can help the customer to realize what exactly suitable for their need. Sometimes they may think something different but when we know their need, we can offer the exact product. This will become a saving for our customer. Our aim is not to make a sale but we want to provide the rite solid solution. Sometimes customers are having budget or investment limitations for the proper solution. So we always advice them to go for the correct solution than temporary solution because in the long run we both loose.
We undertake special projects and provide 'Tailor Made Solutions' for customers. This is mainly with our Industrial Vacuum Machines. The need of the customer, the area, venue is different to each other. So we have to work with the customer and see what exactly suitable for them and provide a solution.
Now a days this is popular among manufacturing facilities with lot of spillages, apartment complexes, automobile service stations.
Best Suppliers

Our Suppliers

The success of our suppliers is a clear reflection of our success. We’re proud to offer a product range that is globally renowned and is of outstanding quality and durability. The fact that we offer brands that are the best ensures that customer satisfaction is an absolute promise.

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